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Narveen Dosanjh, MD

NeuroNourish is a revolutionary brian health supplement line developed by Integrative Psychiatrist Dr. Narveen Dosanjh.

The supplements are holistic, natural and a great alternative or addition to anyone looking to better themselves.

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According to the World Health Organization, over 450 million people worldwide suffer from mental disorders – 350 million affected by some sort of depression. Yet many people are reluctant to take medication for many of their own personal reasons, such as the fear of stigmatization or the fear of unwanted side effects.  50% of Americans don’t seek treatment for their depression. On the other hand today 1 out of 10 Americans is taking some sort of Antidepressant drug and that number continues to grow. Sometimes Antidepressants are used in cases of mild to moderate depression or situational depression or stress which could be treated just as effectively with lifestyle changes, exercise and the right supplementation. Dr. Dosanjh had sucess with many patients in her clinical practice and wanted to help more people.   NeuroNourish gives people  a natural alternative based on science, western medicine and eastern ancient wisdom.

Through years of combining Eastern and Western medicine, Dr. Dosanjh has developed tremendous knowledge in her own research and clinical experience in alternative treatments for mental health. People are taking nutritional supplements now more than ever, in a nutritional supplement world that is highly unregulated and typically foreign to most MD’s. Dr. Dosanjh’s expertise has been sought out for years by many through her private practice in Manhattan, New York and from all over the world, serving a diverse clientele from all industries and walks of life. She has tremendous medical clinical knowledge in the areas of mental health and is an Urban Neuroscientific Yogi with an extensive background in spirituality and eastern medicine.

When science doesn’t give us all the answers or the most satisfying ones, people begin to search for alternatives and she found that’s exactly what many people are doing. Dr. Dosanjh realized that most people are taking supplements without guidance. They may be unknowingly taking pills that make them feel worse. After seeing how her own trusted combinations to her patients has provided significant improvement, she created her own proprietary formulas that combine the benefits of multiple supplements into simple unified formulas. With individual ingredients costing in the many hundreds and clients attempting to purchase ingredients individually from unreliable sources, it became cumbersome and lead to poor compliance. Dr.Dosanjh found a simple and COST EFFECTIVE solution with NeuroNourish Supplements.

There are many supplement companies who manufacture outside of the United States to cut costs and sometimes many pills don’t have the quality assurance standards that products manufactured in the United States do. There have been cases of people becoming ill because of contaminants. Also vitamin companies are not required to produce anything at it’s full yield. For example, if the bottle says that the dose is 2000 units of Vitamin D, how can people be assured that they are getting exactly that dose? NeuroNourish addresses these concerns and is a high quality product that can be trusted.

When it comes to mental health and supplements there isn’t just one equally qualified and trusted source out there. Although some physicians have a growing knowledge about health and supplements, their knowledge is often limited when it comes to mental health because they are typically not speaking from a Mental Health Experts perspective.  They don’t have the first-hand clinical knowledge and expertise that Dr. Dosanjh brings to her  products.  Through her many years of practicing in Manhattan, she has developed an extensive understanding of what works and what doesn’t, what is  fluff and what has shown to be clinically relevant. Dr. Dosanjh wishes to share her knowledge with you, to help you become the very best; mind, body and soul.

Nourish Your Brain, Nourish Your Life

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