Elevate is essentially for everyone. With Elevate you can nourish brain health and simplify your regimen for optimal brain health, greater vitality, energy,  boosting mood and stress tolerance while avoiding overly high doses found in many other current supplements, which can interfere with other medications or supplements and possibly negatively impact mood.

There are many people out there who don’t feel unwell enough to want to be on medications but at the same time could really benefit from some mood enhancement and support. The people in the middle, which is most of us. We all can be a little happier.  Sometimes it’s just about dealing with the daily stressors of life or it can be specific to a certain life situation or event. Our bodies not getting sufficient nutritional needs met due to our diet combined with all the physiological stress on the body induced by unhealthy lifestyles, environmental toxin’s and stress can create a real need for some additional support for our brains. Arguably the MOST important organ in our body. To keep ourselves and our brains healthy, Elevate can help.

Most of the individual ingredients are clinically proven in their effectiveness in treating mood. Others have been used throughout the world for thousands of years to  support and balance the brain.  Dr. Dosanjh noticed the clinical benefits and improved outcomes with the use of the individual ingredients in her proprietary blend as stand-alone supplements or in combination with existing treatments. With individual ingredients costing in the many hundreds and clients attempting to purchase ingredients individually from unreliable sources, it became cumbersome and lead to poor compliance.  Dr.Dosanjh found a simple and COST EFFECTIVE solution with NeuroNourish Supplements.

About 1 in 5 Americans will experience major depression during their lifetime. Antidepressant medication, either alone or in combination with things like cognitive behavior therapy or exercise, can be a powerful tool to help people live with depression — if it works.

Further, there are many instances in which Antidepressants are aggressively used in cases of mild to moderate depressionsituational depression or stress which could be treated just as effectively with lifestyle changes, therapy,  exercise and the right supplementation.

Unfortunately, when the go-to antidepressants are given in a trial and error method and they  don’t work for more than half of the people who try them. In fact, we don’t even fully understand how they work. And about a third of all patients never find their perfect fit.  This lack of a full response to medication is variable and our bodies just work differently.

That’s also when Elevate can help.

Additionally beyond mood, Elevate can help with improving joint comfort, addressing  inflammation within including  neuroinflammation , protecting against  oxidative stress, pain related issues, anxiety, stress, concentration, focus, mental clarity, energy, vitality and overall wellness.

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