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Elevate is a nutraceutical formulated by Narveen Dosanjh, MD to help improve mood symptoms, sustain a healthy mood, optimize brain function, fortify neurological support, promote a healthy inflammatory response, improve joint health, increasing vitality and energy while providing key nourishing ingredients for the brain.

The key is to find the Balance between effective supplementation and over supplementation.

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Elevate is essentially for everyone. With Elevate you can nourish brain health and simplify your regimen for optimal brain health and mood support while avoiding overly high doses found in many other current supplements that could interfere with other medications or supplements you may be taking and possibly be negatively impacting your mood.

Most of the individual ingredients are clinically proven in their effectiveness treating mood. Dr. Dosanjh noticed the clinical benefits and improved outcomes with the use of the individual ingredients in her proprietary blend as stand-alone supplements or in combination with existing treatments.

About 1 in 5 Americans will experience major depression during their lifetime. Antidepressant medication, either alone or in combination with things like cognitive behavior therapy or exercise, can be a powerful tool to help people live with depression — if it works.

Unfortunately, the go-to antidepressants don’t work for more than half of the people who try them.

And about a third of all patients never find their perfect fit. This lack of response to the medication isn’t anyone’s fault — our bodies just work differently. That’s exactly where Elevate can help.



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